Supply Chain Challenges

Shelf life variability

It is a well known fact that food groups (Strawberries, avocados, lettuce etc) have varying shelf lifes. Even identical foods from the same harvest may have a different shelf life depending on harvest conditions, produce quality at harvest, handling and processing during harvest and post harvest storage.

Different requirements from different stakeholders

There is no magic holding temperature for all foods to ensure and maintain freshness. Even product from the same harvest site can have different shelf life.

There are a variety of environmental and product specific factors to consider when you wish to improve operational performance and increase product freshness across your food chains.

Food supply chain less experienced stakeholders or veterans can find challenges improving processes in daily operations or measuring how they are performing in terms of handling and shelf life.

Why  Freshness Matters?

Maintaining freshness maximises profitability, improves operational processes and prolongs shelf life of produce.

An awareness of remaining shelf life helps improve logistical efficiency and reduce product waste.

Digitizing product shelf life enables proactive informed decision making across your business.

At Fresh Impact  we promote the adaptation of zero waste carbon friendly supply networks using a combination of innovative state of the art tools and solutions.

What Do We Do?

At Fresh Impact  we assess both vertically and horizontally integrated supply chains to enable fast decision making.

We facilitate the digitization of  supply chains enabling informed decision making and promoting the adaptation of flexible, responsive and fully integrated supply chains and reducing food waste.

We tell the freshness story of food through numbers – we provide you with informed decision making with which to improve supply chain efficiency.

At Fresh Impact  we aggregate analyse and  sintetize spoilage variables to produce shelf life prediction models specifically adapted for your supply chain.

Why Choose Us?

Because freshness matters to growers, shippers, retailers and shoppers, we perform vertical chain assessment providing complete chain assessment and transparency to highlight required improvements.

We aim to improve your supply chain performance through improved efficiency, increased digital transparency and chain wide management.

In excess of 10 years global experience in (Americas, EMEA and APAC regions) with growers, retailers and tech companies developing the implementing the next and best of food chain digitization.

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